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Strathburn Lodge


We were delighted to be commissioned to create a mural for the entrance area in this residential home, to celebrate their 25 year anniversary combined with the 70th anniversary of Glenrothes itself.

Staff and residents had input on what the mural would depict; they chose the features you see such as hippos, toadstools and flowers which are all sculptures within Glenrothes, with the Lomond hills providing a recognisable local backdrop.

We aimed to bring the outside in, using vibrant shades to uplift the feel of the space, and contrasting colours which allow those living with dementia to differentiate aspects of the design.

The staff created a beautiful and relaxing space by adding flowers, plants and benches to give a feeling of the garden - this area is used as a pop up cafe with the mural providing a colourful and interesting talking point for residents, visitors and staff alike.

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