Angus | Community Project

Grange Primary School


For this mural we transformed two playground areas using content created by pupils attending the school.

First we held a workshop where pupils drew shapes they wanted included in the mural, and posed for their silhouettes to be outlined.

We then took the school’s chosen words of ‘Creativity, believe, be kind and be safe’ along with the silhouettes and shapes from the workshop, to create this vibrant and energetic design.

We absolutely loved this project - it was so much fun. Thank you to ScrapAntics, particularly Craig (C.Gul) for his painting support, and all the staff and children at Grange Primary School.

“We are delighted with the mural and the children are very excited and talking about how colourful it is.

This has really made an impressive addition to our playground. The workshop was great and getting the children involved will give them ownership of the creation.”

- Morag Oldham, Principal Teacher, Grange Primary School

    The mural

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Behind the scenes: Making of video...

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