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Family Club Mural


We were thrilled to be able to create this community mural with six families from Dundee. Over the course of a month three Scottish and three New Scot/refugee families met every weekend to connect and create together.

Each family was given their own board which they designed, drew and painted. The inspiration was nature and the families got really creative with their animal characters!

We absolutely loved this project - it was so much fun. Thank you to ScrapAntics, The National Lottery Community Fund, Neil Crutchley (Community Engagement Worker) and all the families who made this experience so brilliant!

“I learnt it’s good to mix paint and good to concentrate and focus on art. Everyone comes from different countries and you can make friends with them.” - Poppy

“I love art! It was amazing.”
- Sophie

“Mural looks cool and makes everything better, and the colours make it clear. I learnt how to use a brush.” - Jad

      The mural

Behind the scenes

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Nikki, Mel, Ben, Infinite Sky

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