Care Home Murals


“So much more than just a picture on a wall...”

We offer a bespoke design service which has a great many benefits and we are passionate about involving residents and staff directly in the design process.

All our murals are custom-made to suit your needs and budget. We love to transform spaces using large, detailed murals but can also use image and colour to create clever way-finding design solutions and signage throughout the home. We do this by utilising both hand-painting and vinyl graphics.

Rather than simply ‘art for art’s sake’ we engage with residents - which promotes participation. We have a well defined purpose - to harness the power of creativity and colour to encourage mobility, reduce stress and anxiety, offer a sense of ownership and create positive, joyful and rewarding experiences for residents.


Benefits to your residents;

> Enabling independence and wayfinding
> Encouraging participation with the arts
> Increasing interaction with their surroundings
> Promoting self worth
> Sparking reminiscence and memories
> Increasing ownership of the space
> Bringing the outside in for those less able to
    independently access outdoors

Wider benefits;

> Creating a sense of identity in the home
> Allowing staff to feel involved and included
> Providing an interesting talking point for visitors
> Ensuring your home stands apart from others

Murals have the potential to boost reminiscence and empower those with dementia.

According to a pilot project run in London, research by the Guys and St Thomas’ Charity revealed
that art can be useful in sparking
reminiscences, which can lead to a measurable improvement in the well-being of older people.

Our murals are inspired by images and colours of nature, and we strive to bring the outside in. The benefits of using natural imagery is supported by research which shows that;

“patients frequently express a preference for landscape and nature scenes [...] the ability to recognise healthy natural environments is a survival advantage, since these environment provide the best resources.”
(Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine)

The British Journal of General Practice released a study in 2008 showing that an enhanced aesthetic environment is associated with improvements in patients’ perception of patient–doctor communication, reduction in anxiety, and increases in patient and staff satisfaction.(paintingsinhospitals.org.uk)

A three year clinical study at Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals found that placement of original artwork reduced patien levels of anxiety, stress and depression [...] and increased staff morale.


The King’s Fund


The King’s Fund EHE Environmental Assessment Tool states that
“Interesting artworks will encourage mobility as well as helping people find their way around” particularly
“artworks of a size that can easily be seen”
(Section 4 - The Environment Promotes Mobility)

Our murals also fulfil the EHE Assessment Tool’s recommendations regarding orientation
“Providing visual clues and prompts, including accent colours and artworks.”
(Section 6 - The Environment Promotes Orientation)


Colour & Dementia


Colours create an emotional response and each colour has its own frequency,
so careful choice of colour is very important and
we tailor to the needs of each individual project.

Research shows that as we get older our ability to see colour frequencies change.
Paler shades of any colour become harder to differentiate;
blues and greens in particular start to look washed out.
Those who live with dementia are affected by this greatly,
and we take this into account when selecting colour palette and shade.



Our Process


We aim to make our process as streamlined and hassle free as possible,
so commissioning a mural can be broken down into 5 steps.

Of course we understand that each home is unique, so these steps are a guide
and we are keen to be flexible and tailor our service to your specific needs.


Open Day Events


Commissioning a mural provides a valuable opportunity for you to organize
a simple opening event for staff, residents and their families.

This creates a positive and enjoyable chance for social interaction, creating a ‘buzz’ for your home and potentially a publicity event for local press if you wish. An open day event can boost the sense of community and encourage staff, residents and family to join together and have fun whilst connecting to and appreciating the home itself.

These open days are very versatile depending on your specific home and it’s needs but essentially can include viewing the new mural, cutting a ribbon, light refreshment and a chance to talk to us the artists; plus anything else you wanted to organise, ie live music, raffle, kids activities etc.

We are also happy to arrange prints or cards of the mural design if you wanted to sell these to promote your home and raise funds.

Please view our Strathburn Lodge project below for an example of our care home murals.

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